We are so thankful to have had Zack Teperman and ZTPR a part of the Parmalee team for a few months now. We are all about getting creative and really thinking outside the box, and Zack fits right in with that mindset. He knows how to take our vision and really run with it, no matter how crazy the idea is. It is really a relief not having to worry about if someone is actually putting in the work, because you know Zack is always putting in the work. Love everything he has brought to the table so far and looking forward to continue on with ZTPR!


    I am completely blown away by the attentiveness I have received as one of ZTPR’s clients! I was a bit nervous with thinking I would get lost in the stack with their A-listers, but ZTPR treated me no less than. Zack and his team are so on top of things and super diligent with their work. The professionalism and how thorough with details they are, is very hard to find, not to mention they aren’t interested in breaking my bank account with their services! I’m super grateful for the referral from my friend towards Zack and ZTPR… So fantastic!


    Zack Teperman is a machine and I say that with somewhat of a literal definition. He is a hybrid professional in that he immediately introduces you to a system of media outlets, big events, private opportunities, and celebrities PLUS is super personable. My company was injected with a ton of opportunities within a few days. He’s also the “Billy the Kid” of email responses… you hit send and what comes back almost instantly is not an auto-reply; he’s just always on it and loves what he does which is what makes him and ZTPR so genuine. I highly recommend his services. 5-star experience!


    ZTPR has been phenomenal to work with. Zack Teperman is on the pulse, willing to challenge the status quo, is incredible connected, and his whole team is professional. PR teams like this are a rare find. You’re in luck with ZTPR.


    Our experience with ZTPR has been nothing short of fantastic. Working with their team has been a complete game-changer for us. We’re extremely thankful for the amount of widespread publicity we’ve earned through ZTPR to date, in addition to the countless opportunities brought to us daily from their team from interested publications.


    We have worked with Zack Teperman and his ZTPR team for the past couple years, and love the responsiveness, flexibility and heart that he brings to his work and his clients. From my view, I see Zack as an “outlier” in the space, and I haven’t found anyone that is more responsive! My experience is that you will get the most out of the partnership if you can stay ahead of him (#toughjob). I am looking forward to working with him to unlock the potential of what we have at TRAK over the coming years.


    I’ve been working with Zack Teperman and ZTPR for a few months now, and I’ve never made a better choice! He knows what is best for his clients and offers his expert advice so we can make the best decisions for our career. Not only does he care about his clients but he has the network and connections to help his clients achieve every goal they have in mind.


    Thank you [ZTPR] for working with our team to bring in some of your high-profile clients!


    Zack Teperman’s knowledge of how the industry works, dedication to making sure we always had opportunities in front of us and non-stop grind, made working with him a no-brainer for sports and entertainment-focused areas.

  • Chantal Kreviazuk

    Zack Teperman takes his job so personally. Everything is handled with care and such a genuine touch. He is passionate and sensitive to my uniqueness and brand, incredibly creative and attentive to my individual style and needs. I am so glad to have him on my team.


    Zack Teperman of ZTPR and his team were hired to promote and organize the first U.S. Premiere of the Documentary “Making Coco, The Grant Fuhr Story”. He and his team exceeded our expectations, with the handling of everything from beginning to end.  This made for a stress-free evening for us all, along with our entire Production team. We highly recommend ZTPR and will definitely be using them again!


    ZTPR stepped up to the plate for me and has been great in getting me out there. Even more important to me is their communication – always prompt in responding to me and answering any and all questions I have. Efficient, effective and excellent!


    When you hear the phrase “my people” in LA it sounds obnoxious, empty and very Hollywood. Being born and raised in NY, to me that phrase means exactly how it sounds. It means people who you trust and can count on, people who have your best interests at heart. I am lucky to consider Zack and everyone at ZTPR “my people”. With something as important to me as my career, which I’ve put my heart and soul into, I have complete confidence in Zack that he will guide me through the part of the business that is his specialty, and beyond.


    I have had a lot of publicists throughout my career, and a few have stood out, one of them being Zack Teperman/ZTPR. Because of his knowledge in how business should be run today and his extreme work ethic and the way he deals with people is a very rare combination. For me, Zack is one of the top publicists in Los Angeles.


    Zack Teperman is incredibly talented and I am proud and lucky to be the beneficiary of his incredible work ethic, his knowledge and understanding of what interests people and his fervent love for the entertainment industry. Zack and ZTPR have helped me put my best foot forward in this crazy business by first finding out what my best foot is! He creates a platform for artists to express themselves from a truly genuine place. If you’re looking to get your message out there and really relate to people, Zack and his team are the perfect people to help you do it. I can’t recommend ZTPR highly enough!


    Zack Teperman is a rare find in Hollywood. He’s hard working, punctual, stylish, and effective and is never a jerk about any of it! He works his butt of for me and my career has benefited greatly since we first started working together. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rock star PR man. I’ve never been disappointed.#teamzack


    Zack Teperman and ZTPR’s dedication, follow through and outreach is what this industry needs. We here at St. Pucchi so enjoy working with Zack and his entire team!


    From the very first day I started working with Zack Teperman & ZTPR I realized I could trust him and his team with the most important thing… my entire career. It’s so rare that from the first meeting you understand and know that you can have this trust. He is always on top of communication with his clients, and I have never met anyone responding to emails so fast. He knows everything about the client and what’s going on in their lives/careers and never gets confused with all the information. He is the person whose professional opinion is very important to me in all the questions/areas regarding my career.


    Zack Teperman and his team at ZTPR in Los Angeles demonstrated a clear understanding of some valuable PR opportunities and presented a strategically timed campaign that was executed with complete success. The results of this campaign led to excellent media exposure for our client, opened the door to new networking opportunities and will allow us to enter a new market with tremendous momentum. I look forward to continued success with ZTPR.


    ZTPR is one of the best public relations firms that we have had the pleasure of working with. They have a dynamic team who are personable, have integrity, professionalism, and the ability to get things done. We value our relationship and look forward to working together in the future.


    All the publicists at ZTPR are incredibly dedicated publicists and they make a distinction between you as a performer and you as a person. I made the switch because I needed a publicist who got the job done but remained tactful and efficient.


    Working with Zack at ZTPR is such a great experience. He is patient, always available and so knowledgeable about the business. I have been able to raise my profile with numerous radio, public appearances and print articles that have established my brand as an actor and writer.


    ZTPR delivers an innovating dynamic perspective to PR allowing their company to not only succeed in the interim but to withstand the test of time. I’m glad my manager found out about Zack Teperman, as he’s always in “beastmode”, plain and simple, he gets it done!


    Zack Teperman and his firm ZTPR is diligent and will get the job done in the end. He stands by his clients and works over and beyond, all while wearing nice suits.


    Signing with Zack Teperman and ZTPR has been the single best thing I’ve ever done for Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge! In less than 6 weeks he had taken our PR and Social Media to heights that I could only have dreamed of.

  • Jerry Piscitelli

    I have worked with Zack Teperman for a few years, and he is a talented publicist with a genuine interest in the projects he takes. Many agency folks promised us the world, Zack always promised us what he can deliver and work with us within our specialized needs. He has been a great person to work with, creative in taking our ideas and melding with the ones his creative team at ZTPR can create. I have enjoyed working with him and continued success from the ZTPR efforts.

  • Liran Erez

    Zack Teperman and his team have done a great job with spreading the word about the WheeMe around the whole USA. With personal care and professional work-flow, ZTPR is leading our brand and product sales towards new heights.


    Zack Teperman and his team at ZTPR proved to not only be innovative but efficient as well. They move very fast from conception to reality and truly make a splash in whatever fashion you want them to. He is untraditional and for a tech company like ours they were a perfect mix of tech and entertainment. I would refer anyone to ZTPR.

  • Paru Radia

    Attentive. Responsive. Realistic. Delivers. And to top it all off, no matter how busy he is, Zack makes you feel like you’re his only client. I’ve worked with a couple of PR firms, trying to build the iKen brand – ZTPR have delivered more in 6 weeks, than the other 2 had delivered in 6 months combined. It’s hard to find people who get you, your brand, your story and can communicate it so well.  ZTPR get it. #sohappy

  • Patricia Darquea

    It was imperative for our corporation to find a publicist who could raise world awareness for our brand and products. Zack Teperman / ZTPR offers intense dedication with superior work ethics which is essential when building a long term working relationship for a successful future!

  • David Golshan

    When I think of out of the box thinking, I think of Zack Teperman. He is constantly coming up with great and outrageous ideas to promote not only people but businesses. He’s always on call and ready to help 24/7. The man never sleeps.


    I’m pretty sure Zack Teperman doesn’t sleep. I say this because he is always there for me, day or night, always promoting me to any and every legitimate media outlet. His staff at ZTPR truly treat all his clients with the highest regard and efficiency. Recently there was a major event that I needed to attend, it was literally a last minute thing, but I contacted Zack, and I’ll just say, he did the impossible. There are many publicists in Hollywood that may promise you the world, but Zack Teperman actually delivers it to you.


    Zack Teperman is a rare find. His clarity of strategic vision, for both the short and long-term success of his clients, efficient around the clock management and execution, combined with his congenial sincerity and trusted relationships with media and press, all serve to make him and his team excellent in public relations. Zack was born to be one of the great PR specialists in Hollywood, and his intuitive knack for knowing when and how to utilize the media landscape to forward his clients’ goals is outstanding. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have him as my PR agent.


    Zack Teperman and his team at ZTPR were incredibly efficient and accommodating of our needs. Everyone on their team has a great attitude and Zack is a great listener. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in branching out their business to a new audience. Thanks ZTPR!


    As an American who now lives in Canada, I connect with Zack Teperman because he is a Canadian who now lives in America. Zack and his team treat their clients like family. I have worked in the Hollywood “industry” for many years. ZTPR is one of the few PR firms I’ve ever worked with that say what they mean and mean what they say. With honesty and humility, the folks at ZTPR get the job done and manages to keep THIS client happy. I believe the devil is in the details and Zack doesn’t miss a step!


    I am a surgeon in Miami, and have no idea how to manage myself in the media world whatsoever. After being referred to Zack Teperman & ZTPR from some mutual friends, I have to say his passion for his career was something I definitely related to. Zack has gone beyond my expectations in an industry filled with weak promises. He has not only helped brand my practice Alvarez Plastic Surgery on a local level, but extended it to an international level in an exceptionally short time frame.


    When I am up working extremely late I can always count on receiving a late night email from Zack Teperman informing me about the next best thing. This dedication and love for his profession is something that became very obvious from the first day he began representing our line of cocktails. I would highly recommend ZTPR. With Zack by your side you can count on not being the only one working late into the night!


    Zack Teperman and his team are on the ball! I have never dealt with anyone who was as quick to respond and have answers to my questions as Zack was. Every email I sent had a reply within 5 minutes (sometimes seconds). He is in it for the long term and is always forward thinking. Down to the last day he will show your company he cares.


    While working with Zack and ZTPR we were featured in a dozen publications, radio interviews and even had our products shipped to television stations. Zack is one of the rare people in the “wanna-be” crowd of PR that DOES deliver. He knows his business extremely well and helps navigate a company through the “noise” of what they should or should not do. I strongly recommend ZTPR for any company that is looking for a sharp, hard-working crew that gets results.


    Zack Teperman and ZTPR are a real powerhouse. Zack is pretty much available 24/7, 365 days per year including Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! He is dedicated like few in the industry.


    I had fun working with Zack Teperman and ZTPR! He also has quite the artistic eye for pictures and covers as well! I know Zack will bring blossoms like flowers to our world of positivity in the PR world.


    Zack Teperman and his team have consistently delivered quality leads and results over our years together. He is responsive, creative, proactive, and driven. It’s clear he has a passion for his work and his clients, and that shows in everything he does.


    Zack Teperman and the entire team at ZTPR are dedicated to personalizing their PR to fit their client’s specific needs. ZTPR is run on professionalism, friendship and fun. Zack, the head of ZTPR, is hands-on and always available. If it’s not Zack escorting you on the red carpet, it’s one of his wonderful team members ensuring my needs are the first and only priority. It is so refreshing to have a team that listens to the artist’s goals first, then creates a timeline and plan to help achieve those goals.


    I remain incredibly grateful to Zack and his ZTPR team for always having my back and for getting my “front” out there! Zack is the most attentive person on my team. I’m not sure the guy EVER sleeps since he even responds to my 3 am emails within 60 seconds! He is a powerhouse.


    I worked with ZTPR and over a short period of time noticed a difference in my “online presence”. As an artist it is not something I’m focused on, but Zack made me understand the importance of appearances and interviews to elevate my career to the next level and connect with my fans; ZTPR has set up several notable interviews with strategy and consistency. I have been verified on all social media platforms because of ZTPR.


    Zack and his team at ZTPR always do an amazing job getting me published. They got me lots of print magazines in just the first month. ZTPR also gets me into some amazing events and Zack doubles as an excellent purse holder on the red carpet!


    A publicist is your representative to the world. Consequently, you need someone who is honest, honorable and professional… Zack and everyone he works with are those things and more. It’s been a pleasure working with ZTPR. 


    Zack Teperman is not your typical Hollywood publicist. There’s no attitude or phoniness, and I truly feel like Zack and his associates at ZTPR care as much about my career as I do. He is incredibly dedicated and pushes for excellence, but most importantly, he is kind, funny and beyond personable. You can tell Zack has a passion for this work and genuinely likes his clients. I feel very lucky to have him as part of my team, working toward the vision we’ve created.  


    It was a great pleasure to work with Zack and his team at ZTPR. Being a European entertainment company we needed an insider’s touch to the US market, and with Zack‘s help, we managed to break the barriers and successfully establish our US presence. The cooperation was super dynamic as Zack and his team never ran out of great publicity ideas. If you’re looking for a highly-creative and well-connected publicist, ZTPR is your match!


    Zack Teperman is a real pro! He knows the PR world inside and out, is always reliable, and most importantly, he gets results!!!


    Working with Zack and his team at ZTPR was one of those seminal decisions I have made in my life, that have enhanced both my personal and professional lives in unimaginable ways. ZTPR introduced me to a whole new world of magazine interviews, online articles, podcasts and events, that were not available to me before, and that brought my “brand” to the next level. And throughout the process, Zack was always there to guide me every step of the way, with his great personal care, acute attention to details, open communication 24/7, and the trustworthy advice of a real professional in the field! I knew I was in good hands!


    I have been working with Zack at ZTPR for over two years and the results have been incredible. I have worked with other publicists and ZTPR is head and shoulders above anyone I have worked with in the past. My name as an actor and director have grown leaps and bounds and it is all because of ZTPR!


    After meeting Zack through my business partner, I was impressed from the get go by his no nonsense approach. We discussed exactly what I was going to get PR wise by working with him and we had a contract drawn up asap as he had promised. Zack was always punctual, and I love that there was never a middle man. We got exactly the kind of PR exposure we desired for our fledgling shampoo company. His PR connections introduced me to the public in a way that was honest, beneficial to me, and that yielded us results. I would recommend Zack and ZTPR to anyone looking for an excellent PR firm.


    Zack Teperman is the hardest working man in the business, and ZTPR has done more for me than I could ever imagine. In this crazy industry you need people you can trust and be by your side through the ups and downs and Zack and everyone at the company has provided that, times ten! He’s passionate, understanding, and takes his job extremely serious. You never know what your going to get in this industry but from the beginning I realized ZTPR is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.


    It is a pleasure working with Zack and his team at ZTPR. He goes out of his way for his clients and makes life easy. He is creative, very responsive, and on top of it!


    I’m very thankful for ZTPR’s help. I also want to thank Zack Teperman for believing in me. I am also thankful for the opportunity to share my vision and in turn meet quality people like Zack. It has been a positive experience. 


    Zack and his team at ZTPR are extremely hardworking and completely dedicated to their clients’ success. ZTPR has excellent contacts and the people they were able to connect me with were always very impressive. One of the things I appreciated most about Zack was how available he was, day or night, no matter what I needed.


    We have worked with two PR agencies in the past who both promised guaranteed media coverage but none of them performed as fast as Zack. Within a week of signing up with Zack and ZTPR, he had already lined up interviews with different media outlets for us which lead to articles that published almost immediately. He even got us our first magazine cover! Being an up and coming brand, we had limited marketing budget yet we were able to get our baby carriers in the hands of celebrities solely on Zack’s personal relationship with their team. I love Zack’s creativity in finding out of the box solutions in getting media coverage for our brand! Zack is the real deal!


    During our time working together, Zack has always shown himself to be enthusiastic, committed and hard working. ZTPR gives personal service, is quick to respond and constantly initiates new ideas. Oh… and Zack’s a great guy!


    I have been using ZTPR for about two years now both personally and professionally. I and my business have had a great time working with Zack and his team. To know someone is in your corner at all times has been a huge boost. As well the amount of support I have gotten media and event wise has been epic. When I launched Vitamin Patch Club I was hesitant of hiring a PR firm as in the past I had little or no results, with Zack and his team at ZTPR I have truly benefited and am still a client.