ZTPR is a premiere entertainment, lifestyle and technology public relations agency.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, ZTPR is the first independent PR agency to offer full-service public relations covering both the United States and Canada concurrently.

At ZTPR you are not a number. We are a specialty agency who carefully manages our client flow so that we have the time and energy to dedicate to every person / business that we represent.

Personal Publicity Services

ZTPR has been privileged to work with the some of the brightest talents in the entertainment world, and industry professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) in their respective fields.

ZTPR has had the honor of working alongside Academy Award, Golden Globe, GRAMMY Award, and Emmy Award-winners.

ZTPR is honored to assist established and developing professionals, actors and artists to maintain their media relevance in an ever-changing market place, as well as guiding emerging talent toward long-lasting and fulfilling careers.

Raising Your Profile: We work to increase the profiles of our clients and their projects. We have strong relationships with key media outlets, which helps us to secure extensive high-end coverage across national and international media (newspapers, magazines, online, etc.).

Endorsements: Great brand awareness and an exceptional network of contacts, means that we are able to secure endorsements as part of a strategic campaign.

Crisis and Reputation Management: We are uniquely placed to advise clients in times of a media crisis. We understand the media and have the contacts to be able to stop a story from escalating, minimize the impact of negative coverage, and help turn the situation around so your reputation and career remain intact.

ZTPR’s service is truly personal and we limit our roster to ensure that continued service.

Corporate Division

Successful public relations requires an understanding of the client’s business, research, and insight into the obstacles that have to be overcome. ZTPR has experience in shaping public opinion, creating a well-designed messaging program, and the discipline to stick to it.

ZTPR specializes in raising the media profiles of entrepreneurs, technology/mobile app and businesses, establishing them as experts in their fields, and providing continued delivery of high profile media coverage.

Our excellent contacts across consumer press, niche media, and trades, coupled with our proactive PR approach, enables us to constantly deliver big results for our clients. We position our clients at the forefront of their industry, and place products and services directly into the hands of influencers, tastemakers, and celebrities.

Technology / Start-Up Division

Visibility in the media is the fastest path to what you want, whether that’s building brand awareness, getting new customers, garnering retailer interest, accelerating your sales cycle, tapping into a new market/demographic or attracting interest from potential investors and acquirers.

Whether its starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, or already out in the marketplace with your product, ZTPR will work alongside you to ensure your goals are met. Having a fine-tuned system for getting great marketing and public relation results for start-ups and technology products, ZTPR will help you grow rapidly and achieve the success you deserve.

Events & Experiential Marketing

ZTPR’s commitment to our clients is to provide strategic creativity through a target-orientated process that delivers extraordinary results!

Our ZTPR events & experiential marketing division team has worked with the world’s most successful brands as well as participated in product launches for numerous blockbuster products that have generated millions in sales revenue.

The execution of your vision will be unforgettable, unique, and flawless. Our ZTPR team will ensure that your event is in a class of its own. Our impeccable attention to detail, professionalism, and execution will allow you to relax, celebrate and enjoy the moment.

All events are custom tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of each client. Whether it is a product launch, corporate dinner, fashion show or fundraising gala, our ZTPR team will handle every detail to make your event unique and hassle-free. Our top services include the following:

  • Album Release Parties
  • Product Showcase Events
  • Business Meetings and Dinners
  • Experiential Marketing Models
  • Employee Recognition and Awards
  • Red Carpet Gala Events
  • Product Launches
  • Beverage Promotions
  • Promotional Models
  • Gifting Suites

Our ZTPR events have taken place in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, and other areas across North America.

Other Services:

Book & Film Publicity. For more details email: info@ztpr.net