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Whether you are an established talent/brand, or are looking to grow your own name/business, ZTPR is here to help. At our agency you are not a number. We carefully manage our client flow so that we have the time and energy to dedicate to every person / business that we represent. We’re here to help you tell your story and get people paying attention!

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    When you hear the phrase “my people” in LA it sounds obnoxious, empty and very Hollywood. Being born and raised in NY, to me that phrase means exactly how it sounds. It means people who you trust and can count on, people who have your best interests at heart. I am lucky to consider Zack and everyone at ZTPR “my people”. With something as important to me as my career, which I’ve put my heart and soul into, I have complete confidence in Zack that he will guide me through the part of the business that is his specialty, and beyond.

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We support charities we believe in and work side-by-side with many non-profits both directly and through our clients. Giving back is an important part of ZTPR.


RESULTS (ri-ˈzəlt): A favorable or concrete outcome or effect.