How We Work

Strategically helping you reach your goals is our number one priority! From the first call, we want to learn what your goals are and what success means to you. After that, let us work with you to strategically plan ahead what is needed to reach those objectives.


We work as a true extension of your team. Even before day one on the official agreement, we begin planning the strategy tailored to your specific goals and objectives. We want to know what success looks like to you, so that we can make a direct impact on your image, brand, or business right away!


Our President Zack Teperman was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After working across Canada and overseas in Europe, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Today, ZTPR has offices in Los Angeles and Nashville, TN, as well as staff and partners around the world with specialties in different industries. We leverage our media connections and partner relationships in all types of markets to build borderless programs and media exposure for our clients whenever needed.


The world is a social place, and we are a part of it! ZTPR is connected to global influencers, notable personalities, A-list celebrities and media in all types of markets. As our partner, we utilize our social media channels, talent relationships and connections to ensure proper cross promotions and exposure. Our clients are all family to us, and families need to stick together and help each other. As a member of our family, you will have access to our database to utilize and leverage various relationships/connections within our strategies.


Creating meaningful stories and ideas that will grab someone’s attention is at the core of what we do – and not just for that quick “15-minutes of fame”. Our award-winning writing staff will work with you to help bring all our joint ideas to action whether through trend reports, bylines, online campaigns, experiential events, educational materials, TV, radio, print or something a little ‘different’! Our goal is success, and finding the right paths to get there is what we are experts at!


Your social media platforms and channels (no matter who you are or what your business is) are an extension of yourself / brand… and it matters! ZTPR will either work with your social team or you to develop proper digital content and/or pass along assets that connect with your target audience. Whether we manage your social media or provide counsel alongside your team, we want to make sure you are all set for success!


We are driven daily (our President Zack Teperman is known not to ever sleep!) to achieve the goals we set up with you from day one. We are constantly making sure that you are happy with the results as they come in and that if things ever do need to change in our strategy, we work with you to form the proper tweaks to ensure we are meeting the objectives and moving things forward with each new placement.