Zack Teperman of ZTPR and his team were hired to promote and organize the first U.S. Premiere of the Documentary “Making Coco, The Grant Fuhr Story”. He and his team exceeded our expectations, with the handling of everything from beginning to end.  This made for a stress-free evening for us all, along with our entire Production team. We highly recommend ZTPR and will definitely be using them again!


When you hear the phrase “my people” in LA it sounds obnoxious, empty and very Hollywood. Being born and raised in NY, to me that phrase means exactly how it sounds. It means people who you trust and can count on, people who have your best interests at heart. I am lucky to consider Zack and everyone at ZTPR “my people”. With something as important to me as my career, which I’ve put my heart and soul into, I have complete confidence in Zack that he will guide me through the part of the business that is his specialty, and beyond.


Zack Teperman is incredibly talented and I am proud and lucky to be the beneficiary of his incredible work ethic, his knowledge and understanding of what interests people and his fervent love for the entertainment industry. Zack and ZTPR have helped me put my best foot forward in this crazy business by first finding out what my best foot is! He creates a platform for artists to express themselves from a truly genuine place. If you’re looking to get your message out there and really relate to people, Zack and his team are the perfect people to help you do it. I can’t recommend ZTPR highly enough!


From the very first day I started working with Zack Teperman & ZTPR I realized I could trust him and his team with the most important thing… my entire career. It’s so rare that from the first meeting you understand and know that you can have this trust. He is always on top of communication with his clients, and I have never met anyone responding to emails so fast. He knows everything about the client and what’s going on in their lives/careers and never gets confused with all the information. He is the person whose professional opinion is very important to me in all the questions/areas regarding my career.


Zack Teperman and his team at ZTPR in Los Angeles demonstrated a clear understanding of some valuable PR opportunities and presented a strategically timed campaign that was executed with complete success. The results of this campaign led to excellent media exposure for our client, opened the door to new networking opportunities and will allow us to enter a new market with tremendous momentum. I look forward to continued success with ZTPR.