We are so thankful to have had Zack Teperman and ZTPR a part of the Parmalee team for a few months now. We are all about getting creative and really thinking outside the box, and Zack fits right in with that mindset. He knows how to take our vision and really run with it, no matter how crazy the idea is. It is really a relief not having to worry about if someone is actually putting in the work, because you know Zack is always putting in the work. Love everything he has brought to the table so far and looking forward to continue on with ZTPR!


I am completely blown away by the attentiveness I have received as one of ZTPR’s clients! I was a bit nervous with thinking I would get lost in the stack with their A-listers, but ZTPR treated me no less than. Zack and his team are so on top of things and super diligent with their work. The professionalism and how thorough with details they are, is very hard to find, not to mention they aren’t interested in breaking my bank account with their services! I’m super grateful for the referral from my friend towards Zack and ZTPR… So fantastic!


Zack Teperman is a machine and I say that with somewhat of a literal definition. He is a hybrid professional in that he immediately introduces you to a system of media outlets, big events, private opportunities, and celebrities PLUS is super personable. My company was injected with a ton of opportunities within a few days. He’s also the “Billy the Kid” of email responses… you hit send and what comes back almost instantly is not an auto-reply; he’s just always on it and loves what he does which is what makes him and ZTPR so genuine. I highly recommend his services. 5-star experience!


I’ve been working with Zack Teperman and ZTPR for a few months now, and I’ve never made a better choice! He knows what is best for his clients and offers his expert advice so we can make the best decisions for our career. Not only does he care about his clients but he has the network and connections to help his clients achieve every goal they have in mind.


Our experience with ZTPR has been nothing short of fantastic. Working with their team has been a complete game-changer for us. We’re extremely thankful for the amount of widespread publicity we’ve earned through ZTPR to date, in addition to the countless opportunities brought to us daily from their team from interested publications.


We have worked with Zack Teperman and his ZTPR team for the past couple years, and love the responsiveness, flexibility and heart that he brings to his work and his clients. From my view, I see Zack as an “outlier” in the space, and I haven’t found anyone that is more responsive! My experience is that you will get the most out of the partnership if you can stay ahead of him (#toughjob). I am looking forward to working with him to unlock the potential of what we have at TRAK over the coming years.