It was a great pleasure to work with Zack and his team at ZTPR. Being a European entertainment company we needed an insider’s touch to the US market, and with Zack‘s help, we managed to break the barriers and successfully establish our US presence. The cooperation was super dynamic as Zack and his team never ran out of great publicity ideas. If you’re looking for a highly-creative and well-connected publicist, ZTPR is your match!


Zack Teperman is not your typical Hollywood publicist. There’s no attitude or phoniness, and I truly feel like Zack and his associates at ZTPR care as much about my career as I do. He is incredibly dedicated and pushes for excellence, but most importantly, he is kind, funny and beyond personable. You can tell Zack has a passion for this work and genuinely likes his clients. I feel very lucky to have him as part of my team, working toward the vision we’ve created.