We have worked with two PR agencies in the past who both promised guaranteed media coverage but none of them performed as fast as Zack. Within a week of signing up with Zack and ZTPR, he had already lined up interviews with different media outlets for us which lead to articles that published almost immediately. He even got us our first magazine cover! Being an up and coming brand, we had limited marketing budget yet we were able to get our baby carriers in the hands of celebrities solely on Zack’s personal relationship with their team. I love Zack’s creativity in finding out of the box solutions in getting media coverage for our brand! Zack is the real deal!


I have been using ZTPR for about two years now both personally and professionally. I and my business have had a great time working with Zack and his team. To know someone is in your corner at all times has been a huge boost. As well the amount of support I have gotten media and event wise has been epic. When I launched Vitamin Patch Club I was hesitant of hiring a PR firm as in the past I had little or no results, with Zack and his team at ZTPR I have truly benefited and am still a client.