I have had a lot of publicists throughout my career, and a few have stood out, one of them being Zack Teperman/ZTPR. Because of his knowledge in how business should be run today and his extreme work ethic and the way he deals with people is a very rare combination. For me, Zack is one of the top publicists in Los Angeles.


Zack Teperman is incredibly talented and I am proud and lucky to be the beneficiary of his incredible work ethic, his knowledge and understanding of what interests people and his fervent love for the entertainment industry. Zack and ZTPR have helped me put my best foot forward in this crazy business by first finding out what my best foot is! He creates a platform for artists to express themselves from a truly genuine place. If you’re looking to get your message out there and really relate to people, Zack and his team are the perfect people to help you do it. I can’t recommend ZTPR highly enough!


Zack Teperman is a rare find in Hollywood. He’s hard working, punctual, stylish, and effective and is never a jerk about any of it! He works his butt of for me and my career has benefited greatly since we first started working together. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rock star PR man. I’ve never been disappointed.#teamzack