Zack Teperman and the entire team at ZTPR are dedicated to personalising their PR to fit their client’s specific needs. ZTPR is run on professionalism, friendship and fun. Zack, the head of ZTPR, is hands on and always available. If it’s not Zack escorting you on the red carpet, it’s one of his wonderful team members ensuring my needs are the first and only priority. It is so refreshing to have a team that listens to the artist’s goals first, then creates a timeline and plan to help achieve those goals.


I remain incredibly grateful to Zack and his ZTPR team for always having my back and for getting my “front” out there! Zack is the most attentive person on my team. I’m not sure the guy EVER sleeps since he even responds to my 3 am emails within 60 seconds! He is a powerhouse.